At Ben Gurion University of the Negev, June 27 2013


Except for the Leonardo hotel (500+ NIS a night), there are basically three optional low-cost accommodations we make available for participants who are considering staying overnight in the Negev after the symposium (for e.g. sight-seeing or scientific meetings the following day).

1. The nicest is U-Tel, the University guesthouse,

220 NIS a night for single apartment, 260 NIS for double (double apartments are for couples only). Location – across the Rager str, five minutes of walk from the Rager gate of BGU. There are only 15 apartments there. In order to receive this special price, the orders should be done through us (so we can present you as BGU guests). The payments can be done there in the next morning (at the janitor's room). He is there usually between 8-14, after 14:00 the guests can't receive the keys, so we will collect the keys a day before and pass them to you at the conference. After a check-out, you can either give the keys to Meni the janitor, or just leave in the rooms and shut the door.

If you are interested in this option, please apply for through the "Contact Us" menu and leave us your email and cell-phone number.

2.Campus Towers/Melonit Ben-Gurion,

Prices – about 170 for a shared apartment, 260, 360…
More detals on prices and vacancy – please get in touch with them directly:,

Location – about 1015 minutes of walk from the Rager gate of BGU.

3. Beyt Yatziv,

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